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Construction: Tucker/Turner HallConstruction: Tucker Coliseum Hardwood Floor InstallConstruction: Hindsman TowerConstruction: Band Practice FieldConstruction: Buerkle Field TurfingConstruction: Baswell TechioneryConstruction: Baseball FieldConstruction: BaswellConstruction: Century Forward CircleConstruction: Chambers ExtensionConstruction: M Street HallDeconstruction: Bryan HallRenovation: TechioneryMisc. ConstructionRestoration: Caraway Hall 2014Brown Building: 2014-2015Ancient Willow Oak (last photos) | 7/29/162016 Wilson Hall RenovationO Street, Sidewalks and El PasoMultisports Complex: Summer 2017-Spring 2018Greenway between ATU & Aquatic Center: Summer 2017Deconstruction: Roush HallRenovation: Williamson Hall 2019-2020Baseball Fence Construction 2019Critz Hall Demolition June 2019Summer 2019: WitherspoonRenovation: Former Pool/Temporary Student Union | Jan 2020-Nov 2020COVID-19 Mask on to Fight On Mural | September 2020Fall 2020: New Pole Banners/Campus Signage