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Jerry's First photos 2013Jerry's Ceremony 10/26/13Jerry's Event Appearances: Fall 2013Jerry's On-Campus Appearances: Fall 2013Jerry in the Autumn leaves 10/31/13Jerry Christmas 12/5/13Jerry @ 2013 Behavioral Sciences' Holiday Party 12/10/13Jerry-Basketball 2014Jerry's Event Appearances: Spring 20142014 Time Out for Tech Jerry PhotoboothPublic Safety-Jerry Shoot 3/17/14Purina Office Photos | 7/2/14Jerry in the studio | June 2014Jerry's 1st Birthday 7/17/14Jerry: Summer Campus 2014Jerry Candid Fall 2014Jerry at Party at the Tower 10/29/14Jerry Christmas 11/25/142015 Time Out for Tech Jerry PhotoboothJerry in the studio | May 2015Jerry Candid Spring 2015Jerry and Richard Thompson 6/16/15Jerry's 2nd Birthday 7/17/15Jerry's new jerseys | September 2015Jerry Day 10/23/2015Jerry Candid Fall 20152016 Time Out for Tech Jerry Photos2016 Jerry at the trophy caseJerry's Space in Brown | 3/28/16Jerry Candid Spring 2016Jerry in the studio | May 2016Jerry with the Youngs @ Creature Comforts | 6/21/16Jerry at Middle School Band Camp 6/22/16Jerry the Bulldog Turns 3 | 7/18/16Jerry Candid Fall 2016Jerry: Spring 2017Jerry the Bulldog Turns 4 | 7/17/17Miss Tech, Carly Copeland, and Jerry | 2/2/17Miss Tech, Kelsey Stone & Jerry | 11/3/17Jerry the Bulldog Turns 5 | 7/17/18Jerry Day 2018 | 10/23/18Jerry New Jerseys : Fall 2018Miss Tech, Madison Oswalt and Jerry | 1/29/192019 Jerry CandidsJerry the Bulldog Turns 6 | 7/17/19Jerry Day 2019 | 10/23/19Miss Tech, Kara Dickens and Jerry | 12/4/19Jerry Day 2020 | 10/23/20Jerry the Bulldog Turns 8 | 7/15/21